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    Just Wanted to let everyone know that...... FINALLY, after a LONG wait from the CES announcement and other rumors and bogus screen-shots, WebOS-1.4 is in the SPRINT, app. launcher, updates icon. I am in Houston, and dont know if the region matters related to release schedule/rollout, but go get it while its HOT

    Stay tuned as I will be posting any and all tips, tricks and tweaks as soon as I get some time to play with the update.

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    Well at least I smiled.... smh....
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    Welcome to the forums!

    And welcome to 1.4. You are a little late, but thanks.
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    Um, you do know that it was actually released on Sprint about 11-12 hours ago, correct? The forums are full of talk about it.
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    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    Hahaha. People must come in here and create new threads without reading anything.
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    Perhaps there was some excessive blazin' going on in the blaze1tx household last night, and he missed the release.
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    dang it, I accidentally deleted my post.

    anyway blaze, welcome, as you can see others have found the update as well and have started discussing it here

    breing your enthusiasm and join the discussion.

    for future reference there is always a similar discussion for updates where you should post, and avoid yourself having to go through the trouble of making a new thread. It also helps keep the forums cleaner and uncluttered.

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    where have you been living the last 12 hours? anyway, enjoy your phone!

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