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    Over the past few days we heard a lot of negativity about Palm and updates; but now that we have a pretty solid update I want to start a "Thank You Palm" thread.

    I'm happy for video recording with upload to FB and YouTube. I'm also liking the splash screens, additional information on the call log, snappier phone app and all the other goodies that were thrown in.

    Thanks again!!
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    I concur, thanks Palm and keep up the good work!
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    I love my Pre even more! Thanks Palm (but I need voice dialing).
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    Thanks Palm you have taken good care of me for many years.
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    Thank you, folks at Palm.

    Now get back to work! Technology ever sleeps.
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    Positive threads are not popular around here, but I for one am happy to see them. Thanks for update Palm, love all the new features that you've added.
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    I'm so very happy with the 1.4 update, makes me excited for the next one.
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    I could complain and say ty at the same time... But I'll pass this time around....
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    No canadian customer is happy with palm... so no thanks from us!
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    Thanks a ton for giving so many updates PALM, u rock

    and why cant the Canadians b happy with what they have? what u have is still a far better phone than most. DO u remember until a year ago updates were infrequent and what u buy is what u get?

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