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    I see in the Photos area there are 70 icons. But there all appear very blurry. Have anyone else scene these and do any of you know why they are show up very blurry in the photos area?
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    Do you mean the photo thumb icons? Mine are all clear.
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    Yep, I've got an "icons" group (lower-case) under Photos. There are 63 items in mine, and all are blurry as hell.

    Ah, you know what they seem to be on mine.. the tiny icons for the "Comics" application.
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    do you have the comics app? I am betting that is what they are from.
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    I guess so. If you tap the photos icon from the launcher; Once it opens you see the Photo roll, Contacts, Downloads, icons, Messaging (If you have message photos), Wallpapers.

    The pictures in the icons are 70, but mine are all blurry.
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    yea i had that also i just deleted them all lol
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    Oh, Yes I do have the Comics app. Ok. That makes since. But I wish they weren't blurry.
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    They're blurry because they're blown up even for the thumbnails. Look in you app (they come from the 'configure' list). They're natively TINY.

    Seems kinda funky that the app would make it's own folder under photos, though...
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    I have these too... They shouldn't be showing up in the Photos app though?

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