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    Hey there.... just something I noticed:

    At times when sliding open the device, a "music notes" volume level will appear. I'm wondering how to control this - it seems to freak out and add/detract a volume bar and when I try to change the volume via the side volume toggle switch, it only controls the ringer volume. I'm thinking maybe its something I'm pressing in the action of sliding open the Pre but if so, why would they make it so easy for this is accidentaly stumble upon but still too difficult to control?

    Any thoughts? Thanks...
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    I get the same problem on 1.4 but i have only noticed it at random times. Not sure whats going on here. You got any patches installed?
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    Nope... no patches - ran EPR and even overwrote my theme with default.ipk... No update problems. Restarted a few times and also did a hard shutdown/startup.

    I'm starting to narrow down when it pops up - seems to do it almost everytime I slide it open, and toggles between either a full volume level, and one less than full. Considering its moving only one bar up/down in levels, might be something/somewhere thats getting pressed while I slide?
    It also is tripping out and quickly glitching from standard volume icon to the music notes volume icon while raising/lowering volume....this is getting really annoying.

    Totally thinking there's a ghost in the machine right now... arg. Other than that it's working the way it should...

    Background (FYI) - Had the Pre since first release June 2009... still on my first one (I know, almost a miracle by what I've been reading).. Although it does have the crack next to the USB port, doesn't seem to be growing since it appeared a few months ago. Wondering if maybe the hardware build errors are finally catching up and affecting software? Dunno...
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    My phone has been doing the same thing - a lot. Has anyone found a way to fix this?
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    I think we'll have to wait for the 1.4 bugs update to fix this. It seems to happen at random not only when you open or close the slider.
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    Do a search. Many threads on this topic. It's a 1.4 bug.
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