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    If I had a choice I wouldn't have it, but I don't care that much either way.
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    I love the splash card.. the immediate feedback is great for me and I think it's kinda stylish to see the card with the app's big icon on it as a default splash-screen. Makes the Pre look MUCH cooler when showing it to other people too.
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    I like it but i think it is a trick by palm to make us think it is faster.
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    I like it, it doesn't make the phone seem stuck or frozen when the app takes a while to load cause you see the glow so you know it's loading.
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    I like it. Also as mentioned, the flash screen on the phone app only happens the first time out of a reboot. After that, I find it to be instant and even faster that pre 1.4.

    I also agree about the use of the word "hate", especially in all caps. Sheesh, how is it that big a deal to look at a flash screen as opposed to a blank screen. I think the phone seems more 'alive' with the flash screens.

    Seriously, why not find something more substantial to complain about. I guess I have just grown weary of 'haters' in general.
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    The splash is ok. I like the feedback on loading. But adding the same zoom/fade animation on all scene transitions INSIDE of applications is quite annoying. Maybe that stuff should be tunable by the end user, ala compiz fusion. Some love their pre acting like an iphone. I don't.
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    there is no logical reason to hate this unless you just want to ***** about something.
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    I think it's visually cool but gives the feeling like things are loading slower to me. It sometimes lags in card view and can be quickly tapped on to full view even if that app hasn't loaded.
    This is all like micro-seconds so it's really no big deal. We'll all forget the way is was in about a week.. .
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    Some folks just love to look for something trivial to bi*ch about. Glad they found something in 1.4 to keep them happy.

    Personally I like the splash screens.
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    The splash card doesn't fool me into thinking the phone got a speed boost, but you gotta love ol' Palm for trying, lol. It's good that so many people are in love with it though, whatever makes you happy!
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    The unhappy people will never be happy....
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    I've spent the day being torn on this new feature.

    What I Like-

    I like having almost instant feedback when launching an app.
    I think it fits in well with the WebOS feel.
    I like being able to quickly realize I launched the wrong app.

    What I Don't Like-

    Phone app implementation of this effect is pretty bad. Yes it only does this the first time after a reboot but I think this of all apps should be exempt from this action.

    It does seem to make you realize the how slow this OS loads apps.

    I'm hoping that they continue to refine this function(take this effect off the phone app for example) as I think overall it could be effective but right now I'm not so sure it works as well in practice as they thought it would when they developed this. I'm not in agreement with the op about hating this and I'm already getting used to this new part of the OS.
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    You are all wrong its stupid because he is AlwayzRight.

    I myself am wrong too though, I love it.
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    I dont like it! I used to be able to open 2 or 3 apps while I was waiting on one. While the card does the new animation in 1.4 the quick launcher goes away and you have to wait until it opens. Still needs a little work IMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by colourfuze View Post
    I dont like it! I used to be able to open 2 or 3 apps while I was waiting on one. While the card does the new animation in 1.4 the quick launcher goes away and you have to wait until it opens. Still needs a little work IMO
    Or you can just use the wave launcher while the app is loading...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kx250ryder View Post
    Funny that priority was given to generating these card animations rather than to getting the GPU to acutally load these apps fast enough to not need a loading time distraction.
    I'm with you on that note!
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    I think it was a clever way for them to make your Pre appear that it is working faster.
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    Personally I think it makes me feel like Im waiting for something to happen. I would much rather just jump right in. The one argument I guess I can accept is that it does confirm that your tap was recognised, but the waiting kills me. Perhaps more RAM, or a more powerful chip in the next build will make load times faster. I want it to POP and be there. The phone itself is eye candy enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwayzRight View Post
    Ummm, I agree staring at a blank pause wondering *** is going on is much more informative and enjoyable than an instantaneous notification that the app is loading.

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    Still not sure...Sometimes it's cool, other times its annoying.
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