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    Hello everyone,
    Does anyone know how to do save a video someone sent you through text message? Please help.
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    Haven't figured out a way myself though with 1.4 there is now an option to email it.
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    No offense, but this is the downside of how Technology spoils us hahaha.


    I'd hope they could just email it to you and you can download that way.

    I remember some guy saying he hoped that you could upload your videos in the background from your phone so you can talk/web and upload at the same time....SPOILED hahahaha
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    lol hahaha now thats too much hahaha lol mine is small i just want to save a video lol
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    If you want to download an attached file from a text...

    You need to install Internalz and FileMgr Service - Go here for more info...

    Then browse to the /media/internal/.attachments/mms/ directory and dig through the folders and find the video,mp3 etc you want to save.

    Then copy or move it to a folder in /media/internal/

    And your done...
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    Well there is one way to save it, but it's quite tedious.
    When you connect your Pre to the comp, and go in the USB drive, check the attachments folder. ALL the mms and vids and pics and files that you recieved should all be there. Just look for the vid you wanna save
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    thanks you guys! The update should have brought an option "Save" lol it would be so much easier. Other phones have it why not the "PRE" best phone out there lol.
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    Yes it should haha maybe in another can only hope xD
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    im late but i dont think saving a video that some one sent is being "spoiled" i mean my dad can in a 4 year old pre-paid VIRGIN MOBILE phone lol. anyways still no way to do it by just clicking on it and saving?
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    Nope! I just email them to myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    Nope! I just email them to myself.
    but even thru the email app you cant save them.....
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    I just leave them archived, for future use, in my email.
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