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    Can I install patches after updating to 1.4?
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    I can't get the feeds to download at all with 1.4. Any recommendations?
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    they said their severs are getting hammered stop and wait a few hours then try again
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    Why not bother looking down 3 threads below?
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    It took me a while to update all my patches. I had to restart Preware about 4 times after all the IPK errors, but each time the updates list got smaller. Restarted Luna/OS a few times and Iwas good to go.

    The whole update process was a pain. It took quite a while to "unpack" and install, then to update the patches, but I survived it and here I am running 1.4, finally. Life is good!
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    it makes sense. So many people trying to update so many patches to 1.4 at once can't be good on there servers. i'm probably gonna wait till tomorrow to update the rest of my patches.
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    i have tried since earlier this morning and my preware and my webos quick install is not working. any suggestions?
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    Give it some time, Preware takes forever to start up
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    boy I love this forum....i was havingissues too wit preware, I thought it was just me but I guess I'll wait

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