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    after installing 1.4 i decide to check everything out as usual. when i opened my photo app i noticed things were different. i had a new tab named files and in it was other peoples pics. ***. if i have other peoples pics does that mean they could have mine????? wheres the privacy.
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    Cocaines a wonderful drug.
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    id post the pics but that would be unfair. how is this even possible with an update?? unless a bunch of diff people stole my phone last night.
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    this actually happened to me too. It was really strange.
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    Are you joking or serious? If you're not joking then this is one of the worst bugs I can think of.

    Do you have a re-furb Pre?
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    same thing happened to me. Just erased them.
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    Are you serious?! That is extreeeeemeeeely weird. Who knows what else could have migrated onto someone else's phone... O_o
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    i blame alcohol. lol.

    do you sync with facebook? is it possible it could have downloaded some facebook pics to your phone?
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    to my under standing it is a new pre not a refurb. also the many times ive rebooted, backed up, and doctored back to stock i've never had any random pics show up. so the possibilities of these being pics from a previous owner is somewhat ruled out.
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    this was actually happening to me before the update. And I just looked and there's another one. And I don't sync with facebook. Only google. So I have no idea where they are coming from.
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    This is disturbing..because..umm...well I have some pics I'd rather not get out there on my Pre. lol
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    This is happened to me too. WTHeck is up with that?
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    weird because pics do not sync with the backup I do not believe so, I bet they are coming from google, I know google contacts pictures will sync to your pre as well as facebook if you use any of those.
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    Other people's photos? Privacy?

    It's a folder with icons that the photo app reveals. Do you have the Comics app installed? Probably an icon folder associated with that app.

    Oh, and the pre doesn't sync photos with any service.

    Thread closed.
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    I think they may be related to an app you have installed. I have a new tab named 'icons' which contains all the icons from the comics app
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    Mine are fine.
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    do/did you have any of the photo browsing apps installed

    apps with names like hotness or cool babes, that kind of stuff?
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    I have the comics icons too. It's just from apps. Deleted them. No biggie
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    Actually, it DOES sync photos with FB, pulls their current profile pic. Those are the only other pics I've seen suddenly "appear" on mine. But it's done that for months.

    Deep breaths everyone. Nothing to see here.
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    These are example images delivered by palm. I had them from the start with 1.3.1. Would be interesting to know, who those people are and if they know they made it to example images on a phone
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