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    I've been enjoying the new update without many complaints but I tried to upload a video straight to YouTube from my Pre and it keeps giving me an error. Something like, "Video Upload encountered an error". Anybody know what to do?
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    happened to me too....try a different video
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    Yeah me too. Tried two videos so far and it didn't work.
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    I tried a different youtube account and it worked but not for the one that I need to work! Ahh frustrating!
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    I just got this while trying to upload to facebook.
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    Now I'm getting this same error. Anyone know a solution to this "bug"?
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    Phone reboot fixes it for me. Also 'editing' the video but not making changes then uploading again resolves.
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    Reboot and reset is the cure for all
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    I realy hate having to reboot all the time. Maybe Bill Gates should buy Palm. Then we would at least expect to have to reboot.
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    could be coverage also or sprint or youtubes fault

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