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    since installing 1.4, when I load the video app I get the infinite loading circle. I believe I my have deleted the apps a couple of months ago and now it is back on a different page of the launcher.
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    yeh mine is on diff page of launcher, im assume they deleted old, and added a new more functioning one to handle the new video recording playback feature

    but mine does work, maybe somebody else can help u with the problem
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    my youtube app won't load. and i can't upload vids directly from my video recording.
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    it does work it just takes a loooooong time to load. And after the startup card finally finishes, you'll see a blue screen for 1 min before it loads the videos too!
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    this happened to me...try a different video
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    very strange. first 3 movies i tried to play back... it sat there for a while and then said 'unable to play back'. im thinking *** as these are movies i have watched on my pre before. then all of a sudden all of them start working. i didnt do anything other then try them a couple of times. strange!
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    I haven't been able to select a video. It just stays on the circle right after loading the app.
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    working now
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    hell i lost my camera and video play back. my camera is just a black screen that flashes a light grey every so often.
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    damn, you weren't kidding. i'm on wifi and upload is still taking foreever
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    Try it again. I also got the infinite circle the first time i tried the app. I did a re-start and now it seems to work fine.

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