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    When I went to download the update my phone died. I plugged it back in and restarted download.

    Once download was complete I taped to install. That was at is now...11am. My phone has been stuck on the 'spinning ball' screen with 'Do not remove battery' for hours.

    Anyone else having this issue?...What should I attempt?
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    I think this happened to me when I was updating to 1.3.5

    I just removed the battery. Make sure the pre isn't connected to a power source like laptop/outlet.
    Wait a couple seconds, and put it back in.

    Good luck. =/

    Edit: Try to do the Orange+SYM+R trick.
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    I wish I could tell you. I would try to reboot again. It's not removing the battery right?
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    that happened to me with the last update. when i took the battery out and tried to restart it, it eventually loaded up. however, i did notice various performance issues. to solve this i simply ran the webos doctor to update to the latest version and everything worked itself out with the doc.
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    happened today too. called palm and doctored up to 1.4. dont palm or palm chat
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    Hey 1st post here but I was having the same problem on the spinning ball screen. My ball had stopped spinning and didn't move for 90 minutes.

    I talked to pre chat and 1st thing my guy told me was to restart the phone by holding the power button and then switch the ringer key 3 x's. (it didn't work) Then he had me try holding the just the power button for 5 seconds. When that didn't work he had me take the battery out. This is what finally worked and everything has been great. I didn't like taking the battery out when in big white letters it tells you not to, but my phone is now up and running with 1.4.

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    Get used to battery pulls. I know it makes you feel uncomfortable but I mean... it's useful when it comes to recovering your Pre.

    Also, a way to take the cover off that most people have no idea about is pressing the button on the bottom of the Pre and unlatch the back cover.

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