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    Well, we all know EA isn't a charity organisation and they most likely released the free (but probably somehow limited) versions of NFSU, Monopoly and Sims to improve sales once paid apps arrive in Europe.

    Does the fact that these apps aren't available in Countries without launch partner i.e. Austria mean there probably won't be paid apps in March (or 2010) I know this sounds a little far fetched but since i'm stil waiting for 1.4 to arrive (even thought there isn't even an approval process) i am somehow getting the feeling that palm doesn't really care about us.
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    Had this feeling since Palm said they would bring paid apps to Europe in march.

    Europe probably doesnt the mean the whole of Europe but just 4 out the 27 EU-member countries or 4 out the 49 countries that the whole of Europe actually consists of.

    Bit like saying we are bringing pad apps to the USA and only offer it in 4 out those 50+ states.

    Would be happy to be wrong on this as ive started to lose the faith with them. Pity that such a nice little device is only intended for a few.
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    I've played all 3 for a while dont seem to be demos at all.

    maybe just good press with us so we buy their next games
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    don't hold your breath...

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