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    Just a quick video of my puppies to test the quality. I think the quality is pretty damn good for a smartphone just to catch the spontaneous things that pop up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by callderek View Post
    My stupid little video [url= - Broadcast Yourself.[/url] - My biggest fan!

    apparently it takes a while for youtube to make since of newly uploaded vids...
    Dang, why doesn't this work?
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    I downloaded 1.4 at about 3am on Friday nite/Saturday morning and went to see Clapton Saturday nite. Who needs the Fender Android when I have Clapton on my Pre?

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    My first Pre video. . The Atlanta area has seen way too much snow this winter. I'm ready for spring.
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    Not technically my first Pre video... but the first upload to Youtube...

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    my homie sux at bowling lol
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    No issues at all - it played smoothly. I did reboot the phone before the first video
    Danny Bluestone
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    Nice dragon!
    Danny Bluestone
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    For some reason after recording the video using the Palm Pre they do not appear in the 'videos' section.
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    Danny Bluestone
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    The video quality recording on the Palm Pre is AMAZING. Look at this 4 minute video I recorded on my Palm for work and uploaded on You Tube. I even did screen capturing using the Pre: YouTube - BoonSpace demonstration recorded using a Palm Pre

    The Pre is now an awesome multimedia tool! I love how Palm are constantly updating the user interfaces and adding more and more features and bug fixes. Palm, please keep this up
    Danny Bluestone
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    This one is short... there was an explosion outside our building in Chicago this afternoon. They are doing bridge and roadwork and something in a tunnel ignited and blew up killing one worker and seriously injuring another. This is just some footage of the emergency vehicles after it starting calming down a bit. I didn't narrate, so there isn't any sound outside of an open mic.

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    Better late than never right?

    - Skinneejay -
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    nighttime flight. will do another on sunday morning on the flight home

    gpsdashboard_2010-04-03_193752.png BTW that is real time speed at 1500 feet then just closed app to save battery

    thank you mytether
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    another video:
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    Messing around at work - My first direct to youtube upload.

    Second Video with Pre -
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    Quote Originally Posted by akpotato View Post
    @dianehelen: I love that you had their heads nodding.

    Here's part of my first Pre video:

    Seven seconds long, 3.8 MB in size
    Hi, that puzzle must be hard, it almost looks like op art and makes your eyes swim!
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    my first video.. moving around too much, but not bad
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