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    Prior to 1.4 Google Reader worked pretty well on WebOS with the exception that when you tapped on a feed item it wouldn't auto-scroll to the top of the item like it would on the iPhone.

    With 1.4 though when you tap "Load more items..." at the bottom of the page, it scrolls all the way back up to the top of the page, forcing you to manually scroll back down through dozens of headlines that you've already looked at.

    Palm can you please provide a mechanism for bug reporting on the Pre?
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    Now thats freaking annoying.
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    Feeds free is a google reader client that eliminates the need to use the mobile site. try it.
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    Wow, a little dramatic don't you think? Yes it's annoying but if you were to have a redo on this thread, would you really use the word "unusable" again?
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    I think unusable is accurate. I am not going to scroll through 100+ headlines just to see the next 50. Lets get on the ball palm.
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    Seems like more of a Google issue than a Pre issue. Google will be able to tweak their mobile site to fix this quicker than Plam will release a new browser version to address compatibility with a single website.

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