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    i downloded the sims and monopoly.monopoly works like a treat but when i try and open it i get the "too many cards" when i have no cards open at all.any1 else having this problem?
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    is monopoly and sims3 free when you have webos 1.4? On VZW n we still don't have our damn update n it's 7:16 am pacific time
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    yes and so is need 4 speed
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    As far as I can tell it's only free for those who don't have access to the paid apps yet (IE: The U.K.) As a Verizon user, it will not be free for you.
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    Have you updated to 1.4? Apparently the update fixes that issue.
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    yep ive updated 2 1.4,any sugestions on how 2 get it working?

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