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    Come on everyone, stand up and give a cheer to Palm and Mr. Rubenstein for a job well done!

    Thanks Palm for staying dedicated to this wonderful platform!
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    yes we need to thank Rubenstein greatly because if it was not for him palm would have been dead and gone by now. palm was gonna use resistive screens untill ruby stepped in. i can jus imagine if palm released the pre with resistive screen half of us would not even be using a pre
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    Keep at it it's gonna be a tough fight as the David vs. not one but 3 Goliaths. Still not one other OS that I am interested in switching to and would miss WebOS if it went away.
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    YAAY Pudding!
    I likey take apart thingies....
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    Because Palm has a choice? LOL! Thanks Palm for doing what we pay you for I guess.
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    Way to go Palm. Keep up the spirits and things would turn around in due time. Most people don't know what they are missing without Palm Pre / Plus. I am one of the first ones out of the gate to get Palm Pre. And I simply can't do without it. It has enhanced my life and productivity in ways I never thought possible a year ago. Thank you Palm. Now just get 50000 more apps so that when they mention Palm on CNBC, the world doesn't look down on WebOS. The reality is that most people would probably use less than 200 apps.
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    Good idea, He promised February and he kept his promise. I got some extra games, outstanding process. I had to doctor the phone, but what the heck I am a Palm user not some dummy

    And so far the phone looks brandnew this is what amazes me the most after every update I guess some things are sharper, faster and overall it is evolving, that alone is fantastic.
    I would like to recommend this phone and the team to everybody.

    Now what is up with Adobe? They are lazy like Steve said, right LOL...

    But I don't need flash my phone has a flash and it has if anyone brings audio to the phone I am all set and can patiently enjoy the whole experience until the new webOS device drops out of the blue...until then preheaven.
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    Thanks for the update Palm & I can't wait to see what's next.

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