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    Some of you guys are so blind.
    The Pre is so laggy compared to other smartphones.

    I was using some else's Eris and it responded so nicely. It's a second tier smartphone...
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    I don't have those issues but I have had a couple of random reboots. I think they were Preware related though because they always seem to happen shortly after I use Preware.. phone will hard freeze and reboot itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Impulsebuyer View Post
    what's with the lag omg, and what's with these icons in the photo menu that are all blurry?
    I don't have either issues.... You haven't been licking your phone, have you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Impulsebuyer View Post
    lag right before opening new cards etc... Also icons in photo menu new folder with 41 blurry like avatars lol...

    seems to be getting better after a soft reset, still get a dark screen before precentral goes into flash card load view
    OK, that makes a little more sense. Have you, by any chance, used MVAPP at one point to move apps to the USB drive?

    My suspicion is that you have some random file that has small icons that are being scanned as photos. The Photo App then tries to create a thumbnail for the "album", but since they're smaller than the thumbnail, they're actually being expanded, which accounts for the blurry look.

    Mount the phone as a USB drive, and poke around looking for JPGs and PNGs, until you find the offending files. That'll give you a good clue as to what's going on.
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