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    since my 1.4 update, i seem to be unable to send mail from my address. I recieve fine. I also use a address and i recieve AND send fine with that account. Palm were useless and recommended contacting yahoo for their pop settings, even though i know they are correct. I have sent them an email (from my hotmail!) and am awaiting a response.

    Has anybody else encountered a similar problem??

    Also, i am in contact with o2 UK right now about the MMS issue. As seen in previous threads we have discovered that we only recieve images as thumbnails. But now it also seems that we cannot recieve audio files (WAVS) which after having checked with palm, are in the confirmed file support list.

    I will update when i know about both of these situations. Would anybody with similar issues please confirm / advise

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    also, cannot download mp3s from email attachments. Anyone else find this?
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    apparently the email bug is from the 1.4 update, and they will be attempting to address this ASAP.

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