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    client from sprint having problem with my tether app if you don't care about the new function of the video camera like me just use palm webos doctor right now that have the webos version save all your personal data from usb mode erase your phone and perfom this rollback like I call it and is goin to work I already do it and is workin fine the usb mode and wifi mode take care all
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    Please Need Help. I have managed to get MHS working on my pre to the point that the slider can be switched on now and that devices can see the wifi hotspot but it seems that when my laptop tries to connect to the pre's hotspot, it ends up cycling through all the available channels but can't connect and gets that 'limited connection error' with the yellow triangular exclamation mark.

    I followed this thread 226490-how-install-mobile-hot-spot-sprint-pre start to finish (sorry don't have enough posts for the url).

    One thing I am confused about is whether or not the freetetherd app is a background service or not as there is no app in the launcher after I install it.
    I have checked the auto-enable-ip-forwarding-in-mobile-hotspot.patch and it is there.

    If anyone could shed light on this problem it would be great. Oh by the way I am using an O2 UK GSM Pre with 1.4 software running on it.

    (BTW go easy on a self proclaimed NOOB)
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    You may want to follow this thread in the GSM section

    EDIT: But it's not clear if Mobile Hotspot will work with your provider
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    Thx somline for that speedy reply.

    Seen that thread earlier but yours seemed more believable and more effective.

    I may post it again in that thread.

    It begs the question, hypothetically why enable it then disable it with the next software update? seems a dum-bass thing to do and a waste of dev power

    Thx again

    Edit: Seems O2 are going to start charging for tethering on the pre at some point, don't know if that was general knowledge but they already do a bolt-on for the iPhone for tethering through Edge,3G and HSPDA. Check out the O2 UK site for info!!!
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