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    wireless vet, Is your new phone a pre plus or pre?
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    1.4 has cost my totally stock Pre about 2 hours of battery life under the same usage. Nothing changed on the phone except 1.4.

    Go Palm!
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    Does anyone know the biggest (official or unofficial) battery capacity now available for the Palm Pre that still fits in it's original case form factor?
    Tomorrow I'll be me again...
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    Quote Originally Posted by floyd28 View Post
    I would be happy to submit a log file if someone would tell me how to do it and who to submit it to. I am thinking of going back to Today on a trip from Atlanta to NYC (1 hour and 45 minutes roughly) I turned my phone on Airplane mode ... do this all the time so I know I did it right ... it burned 13% of the battery in Airplane mode during the trip. Nothing turned on, no phone, no data, no wi-fi ... it was Airplane mode. Something is definitely wrong. So, if anyone can take a look at this ... happy to get some help. Otherwise, I may doctor myself back to where I had very good battery life. If that doesn't work ... likely will throw it out the window!
    Contact HardBeatZ. Send him a PM and he will provide you with what steps to take to generate a log file, and where to email it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRQTekt View Post
    Does anyone know the biggest (official or unofficial) battery capacity now available for the Palm Pre that still fits in it's original case form factor?
    As far as I know this would be the biggest that will fit the stock door

    Innocell 1350mAh Slim Extended Life Battery
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    I use the Seidio 2600mAh and I'm finding that my phone is down to 10% by the end of a long day which never used to happen except when I would do a lot of gaming that day. Usually it would be around 40% or more under my normal use (normal use for me is heavy web browsing and lots of texting).
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    For those laughing or mine works fine......go to another blog. For those of us that HAVE BATTERY LIFE DRAIN ISSUES SINCE 1.4 UPDATE, we are looking for help. If your a technician and have legitimate suggestions, please help us or refer us to someone that can. For me, I got up at 8am, sent 4 emails, rebooted 2 times per the suggestion here..I was 100% when I started and am now 71%...... -29% in 2 hours. Not only is that different from it is worse by about 25%. I can normally go all day, only using 35 to 40% of the battery and using the phone regularly.

    Some of us need help determining what is the cause of such battery drain since the update.
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    My battery life doesnt seem too bad (stock setup, no preware). Probably the same I'd guess. I did drain the battery the neck day after 1.4 until the phone shut itself off.

    I am trying to figure though about the Wifi sleep option. At work I get a bad signal, so I'd think it'd be fighting to gain access for email checkups. So I leave Wifi on. I was always under the impression when the phone screen turned off, wifi was asleep in some form, until it had to check email it would connect via wifi then turn off if the screens off? Every time I'd turn the screen on the wifi logo would do those little dots and then show the icon its connected, as it if it wasnt connected to wifi already before I turned the screen on.

    If I tell it to sleep when idle, will it still check my email with Wifi or will it use the sprint network if its in sleep mode (if sprint networks signals bad, i'd think it'd eat more battery?). I think for now I'll leave it on unless I hear dramatic results with it off.

    I also have like 7 emails setup, 2 gmail, 1 aol, 4 hotmail/live, i think im going to condense these emails after reading about the hotmail issues of draining battery. Not sure if it was fixed in latest update perhaps?
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    At first I did not notice any significant battery performance change. But the other day I was charging my pre and it was at 28%, then after 30 mins of charging I checked it and the battery was in the red at 14%. That's some crazy ****. Batteries are not suppose to drain while charging them. I don't know if this is a 1.4 issue or not, but I did get my battery to charge and it took longer than expected. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  10. #130's getting WORSE! Day one after the update, i was done to 35% before I got home from work and on to the charger it went. Tuesday, my phone didn't make home to the charger because I had to go to dinner and it died at 815pm (i took it off the TS at 7am). Last night, after work I headed straight home and when I pulled my phone from the Golla bag, 15%!! I have the 1400mah mugen battery and i have loved it! would give me almost 2 fulls days of use if I didnt have any late night conversations or texts...

    This is BS to be honest and seeing how I don't really use the vid recording app, I may be gonig back to and waiting for the next update before I do spoil myself with the vid app.
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    I take my phone off the charger around 8am.
    I use wifi at work and at home, gps is on all day NO BLUETOOTH though.
    I text all day, make calls all day, I have email set to "every 10 minutes for work and every hour for Gmail. (*i check email all day too, I even attach things like pdf and pics)
    I listen to mp3s, radiotime, and Pandora all day on ear phones.
    Also, on my 30 minute ride to and from work I use the aux port to plug my phone in and listen to music.

    I do whatever I want on my pre plus all day, I ABUSE THE HELL OUT OF THE THING WITH USAGE.

    When I get home at 6. I'm usually on about 35 to 40%

    I text some more and take pictures at night and play with homebrew apps and patches.
    When I plugg it in its at 20%.
    Thats all I need.

    I paid $60 for a Seidio 2600mAh. (instead of buying a stone)
    The standard would never ever ever be able to handle me.

    The battery being big is better than the battery being dead, and I dont have time to set my phone on a charger all day whether its wireless or not.
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    So I suppose then that after the whole "system catch up" post 1.4 that in fact, the battery is worse.
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    I created a new thread about this since I didn't see this one here (I swear a looked a little!!).. AND yes, the drain issue is real.. I'm glad I have the Seidio 2600mah because by now with the standard battery my phone would be close to drained at midday.. Yikes.. Something is going on here.. I wonder if the processor is just working harder....?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Trojan View Post
    So I suppose then that after the whole "system catch up" post 1.4 that in fact, the battery is worse.
    I was hoping it would catch up too.. but it is in fact getting worse for me. I've done reboots and restarts but nothing is helping. I am down to have 30% battery left after only 5 hours... before the update I would be at 85% in 5 hours

    Switcharoo is off (I have the free app)
    Wifi is off
    Bluetooth is off
    I've changed my email to manual check
    I am not signed onto AIM
    screen brightness is lowest (always had that since day 1)
    screen turns off after 30 seconds (that was set since day 1)

    Even in airplane mode it will show a 4%/hr drain. WHY!?

    I don't know what else to turn off!
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    So I was talking to my buddy at work who also has a Sprint Pre and he said his battery life is TONS better.

    I think I am going to Dr. my phone either tonight or tomorrow and see if that helps it. Maybe something got botched during the update since it took me 6 times to try and finish the download of the update.

    I'm also going to backup my db3 file so I don't lose any of the stuff like SMS, bookmarks, call logs, etc..
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    My batt was way worse after 1.4 - I changed the wifi setting to off while sleeping and it is back to where it used to be. Hope this helps some of you.
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    my battery life is the same on my VZ Pre Plus both before and after the update...since I got the phone, overall, battery life has improved. And all this without any patches and with stock battery.

    email is completely pull...all my accounts, including work, yahoo, hotmail, and gmail. no push. I use yahoo calender, google and FB contacts. Wifi set to sleep when phone off (since 1.4), bluetooth on only in car and while shopping. Brightness set to lowest level
    (its plenty bright already).

    that being said, there are days when my phone battery drains quickly...usually in areas with bad signals like basements and elevators.
    but I am convinced, hands down, that the main issues with the battery life is not the patches, or the webOS version we have installed...some of it is the small battery...but my wife's LG Dare with it's 950 mA battery lasts forever...NO...the MAIN issues are the way the phone struggles with getting a signal at times (my treo 700p and samsung saga were on the VZ network without a problem), and SYNERGY. It's always on, and it kills battery life, more so for some. Personally, I don't need to have my info in perpetual sync with the cloud/google/yahoo/FB/palm profile etc. What Palm should do is allow us to sync WHEN WE WANT TO...not ALWAYS...and leave the synergy feature always on for those that want it and have other solutions for the resulting shorter battery life such as a bigger 2600 battery or those that are near a charger all day.

    PALM, my dear old friend since the IIIxe, are you listening?
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    i think the best battery increase that palm could give is send 1350mah or whichever size the biggest that will still fit the stock pre back door thru the postal to our addresses!!!! give us a fresh battery with more mah!!!! Thats with any software updates for improvement during performances
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    I should have did my update with the stock battery and not my extended battery but i was so anxious!!
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    my battery has gotten terrible since the update. From 7am to noon, i'm down to 40-50 percent, and thats just texting, light browsing, but mostly just sitting in my pocket. By 2-3 I am charging it if i can. This isn't going to cut it much longer, 1350 battery btw.
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