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    I dunno, but my Pre's battery life has been stellar since the update. Seriously. Today I had BT and the GPS running simultaneously for at least 5 hours, made about five calls (admittedly all a couple of minutes or less), and d/l'd two applications off of Preware and by the time I got home I was still humming along at over 70%. Before, I'd be below 50% easily.

    Of course this is the same old story with every update -- some get better, some get worse, and some stay the same. As such, take my account with same grain of salt you take with everyone else's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xmovingx View Post
    have you had the low batt. then all of a sudin its full again?
    I had this happen one time, but it was a few weeks ago before the update.

    So far so good I guess. I had around 95% @ 12:30 PM. I had gotten a call I missed @4:47 and so from then to 8:15 the led has been flashing. I'm at 86%. I was worried that the led flash was going to impact the battery in a negative way, but it looks like my worries were unfounded. I've only had one major battery issue since owning the phone,and I realized it was my fault. I had added a new email acct, and had the default to poll @ 15 minute intervals instead of as they arrive. Once I corrected that my battery life went back up. I keep GPS and everything on.
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    All three Pres in our family are enjoying improved battery life after 1.4 update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FesterTreo View Post

    What is your email sync configured to.. manual, 10 min, on delivery? Also which mail provider ? Exchange, Google, Yahoo.. etc
    It's set to on delivery, same as I used on, just yahoo and comcast accounts.
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    Interestingly my battery had always been rock solid before this update. Not awesome, but it would easily last the whole day for what I do with it and charge it every night. However, yesterday with 1.4 installed in the morning it was bad and today was bad also. My observation is that when it is idle, it seem to click off no more than 1-2% per hour which is better than before where I might have as much as 3% idle (and by idle I mean it still checks gmail and exchange once an hour). What I am noticing, however, is that when I really use the web browser the drain is excessive. 10-20 minutes of use will take easily 10-20% of my battery with it. That seems a bit excessive. So, I drained it down to 5% today and charged it all back up ... hoping that something "resets" itself over the next day or two and I get back to normal.
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    Ish I was hoping to see more people report better life out of our batteries. I feel like mine improved. I disconnected my phone today at 10am this morning and it is now 10:32pm with 30% left on my batt.

    Made several calls, lots of websited visited (P|C ), Plenty of texts and emails, along with flashing plenty of people...with the led flash patch lol.

    I just hope it keeps up like this cause I'm happy. Another day tomo for further testing...
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    I just updated and had to call my gf which takes over a hour everytime. This time I notice after a hour & half conversation my battery life was still over 90%. IMO I would say the battery life has improved.
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    heres my experiece. 9 or so hours of texting and calling with wifi on and very low signal or any signal at all in north alabama to visit a friend which was great. Still checking battery use it's working well so far as far as saving battery. My problem with 1.4 is the app launching minimalized first and the extreme lag of the camera
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    has anyone tried the new wi-fi app and sleep settings ===> turn off wi-fi option when powersave. I have a hunch it helps my battery life

    UPDATE: If you upload videos or SMS lots of video clips or even take a lot of video, I guess it figures your battery life is going to be lower.
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    simply amazing.

    tomorrow will be the true test but now i actually think the standby time that is advertised is plausible!
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    Ive noticed a slight improvement today.
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    Just today though. It was burning through the bat after the update.
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    My battery life has seemed to drop after the update. I'll give it a few more days to see if it will condition itself, but who knows. I was able to have a 4%/hr at work drain (low signal area)

    Now today at work i'm seeing a 7-12%/hr drain (low signal area).

    No bluetooth or WiFi.

    I know some have said to also doctor it to have a 'clean' install but I don't want to lose my sms messages, call logs, and other stuff that isn't backed up to the cloud, or from Google.
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    Yesterday removed my phone from the touchstone about 8:00 am. At 11:30 PM I was down to 82%. Took no phone calls, cleared about 30 email alerts through out the day one at a time. Didn't read any of them.
    Was withing WiFi and Air Rave coverage the entire day/night.

    I would say standby battery life has greatly improved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sharpcroft View Post
    mine seems worse? Took the pre from my touchstone yhis morning so i know it was 100% installed 1.4 at about 8.30am followed by NFS free and Monopoly free. Been having a bit of a play with the games and video and already battery is down to 42%!!!
    all downloads done over wifi so i've lost nearly 60% in 2 hours :-(
    probably cause you are using it more than normal due to the new release... mine seems to be fine
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    I think for most people battery improved just because most people keep many connections turned on like gps, ev, wifi... and looks like PALM addressed that by improving standby time with all those connections running. I keep everything off except for phone radio so I can still receive calls/texts. Even my keyboard light is turned off most of the times I use it and screen set to lowest. Anyways I noticed for me the battery performance got a little worse, not by much but noticeable. Will see...
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    im seeking a 1.97% drain on the battery monitor app at work. its 1:24 and i have 84% left took it off the charger at 9:30. i have done nothing with the phone except check the time and send 1 txt message.

    This is the best life i have seen out of my device since i got it. usually it drains 4-5% an hour idle at home, and 7-10% an hour at work with anyway due to my work environment and unfortunately i had to change phones (im not near a charger and on military bases for 12-14hrs a day 3-4hrs a week) so good luck to all of you and enjoy the update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xmovingx View Post
    have you had the low batt. then all of a sudin its full again?
    I've seen that a couple times. I thought it might be caused my my extended battery.
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    my battery life been good since the update I took my phone off the charger today at 930 and I been on websites texn calls and all it's 1241 now and my percent is at 56 and usually I would of been had my phone on the charger by now
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    I've noticed an improvement in my battery life.
    When playing games, or uploading videos, etc. the drain is quite a bit, but what can you except, those are battery hogging things.

    Where I notice the improvement is in the standby time.

    Left for work at 6am. Now 11am.
    Battery drain went from 100% to 98% in 5 hours.
    Great standby time.

    I only sent a few texts, checked the app catalog and Preware.
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