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    For those laughing or mine works fine......go to another blog. For those of us that HAVE BATTERY LIFE DRAIN ISSUES SINCE 1.4 UPDATE, we are looking for help. If your a technician and have legitimate suggestions, please help us or refer us to someone that can. For me, I got up at 8am, sent 4 emails, rebooted 2 times per the suggestion here..I was 100% when I started and am now 71%...... -29% in 2 hours. Not only is that different from it is worse by about 25%. I can normally go all day, only using 35 to 40% of the battery and using the phone regularly.

    Some of us need help determining what is the cause of such battery drain since the update.
    I have been hesitant to post in this thread until I played with WebOS 1.4 for a week or so to see if there is a difference in battery life. There is certainly a difference and it mirrors yours as well as others in this thread with the same problem. I have seen 11% drain within one hour with the phone sitting there while connected to my WiFi.

    Upon the release of WebOS1.4, I downloaded and installed it over WiFi. I rebooted the phone (Orange+Sym+R) and played with it for a couple of days.

    Since WebOS Doctor 1.4 was released so soon after the update, I decided to download and install it. I downloaded it, did a Full Erase, signed into my temporary Palm Profile that doesn't have any apps or backups associated with it, then ran WebOS Doctor 1.4.

    I setup my phone which includes adding my WiFi, two EAS accounts, and a few apps (including the latest MyTether 2.1.0+...which I have used yet). I wanted to use the unthrottle Patch (which is the only patch I am using), but ran into the problem that other people were having with WebOS Quick Install 3.02. I downloaded Preware to get the needed GNU Patch file. It was taking a LONG time so I used the WebOS Quick Install command line interface to remove the two or three feeds that it was hanging on. Once I got the GNU Patch, I uninstalled Preware using WebOS Quick Install 3.02. Of course, I finally applied the unthrottle patch.

    I hope this helps some developer come up with a solution to the problem.
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    So how exactly does wi-fi affect battery life? I read when I first got my phone that wi-fi uses less battery. Is this true, and if so is true even when you're NOT near a wi-fi hotspot?
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    If you have read my posts in this thread you know my saga ... horrible experiences with battery life. But, I did some things along the way ... things I should not have to ... and perhaps I am seeing results. Here is the nutshell version:

    1. Upgraded to 1.4 when it came out. Restored all apps with backup. Battery life was terrible with major drain in idle mode; could not get through the day with very basic email services checking Gmail hourly (20 emails a day), Exchange hourly (50-75 a day), and a few phone calls.
    2. I WebOS Doctored on 1.4. Restored apps with backup. No change in performance.
    3. I webOS Doctored it back to Restored apps with backup. Got my stellar battery life back ... same activity as outlined above would leave me with 60-70% battery remaining at day's end, typically, sometimes a bit less, but that is the range.
    4. My "smart" phone a few days later told me that I needed to upgrade to 1.4 or it would do it over the next few days. I said, what the heck and tried to reinstall again.
    5. Had some issues with the install as I was getting an error saying I could not download any more apps. Memory was full or something which I knew not to be true. So I did a full erase of apps and settings.
    6. Created a new Palm profile after the full erase. Used a yahoo email address versus a gmail.
    7. Reinstalled exchange account first and monitored for a couple of hours. Battery life seemed okay.
    8. Reinstalled gmail account, monitored, then facebook, monitored. Battery life seemed still okay.
    9. Redownloaded the 17 free apps I have on my phone and then setup the dozen or so bookmarks on my browser.
    10. Copied my music files back to the PRE.
    11. Threw it on the charger overnight from 10pm to 6am.

    Today I turned on the phone at 6 am until 730am. I put it in Airplane mode for 1.5 hours on a day trip to a client. Then it was back on from 9am until 550pm when I again put it in Airplane mode for my return trip. Took it out of Airplane mode at 730pm.

    The usage would be as follows: checked gmail every hour, about 15-20 showed up today ... checked exchange every hour ... about 50 emails received today and I sent a 1/2 dozen from the phone. Sent 1 text. Called my wife for 5 minutes, 2 quick calls to a taxi, checked voicemail twice, and had a wrong number call. Surfed for 10 minutes while waiting for my morning flight and the same on the way back.

    At 940pm as I write this my remaining battery says 47%. While that is about 10-15% lower than what I experienced under ... I would say that at least for today ... I feel like something has improved. First time that has happened since the 1.4 update as 1.4 had been leaving me with less than 10% in a similar time frame.

    I don't know if this will hold up tomorrow, but if it does I am pointing the finger squarely at the "Palm backup" as a possible culprit. Almost like my old backup had a setting in it that the new 1.4 did not like ... and that fried my battery life.

    A theory anyway.
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    I don't mean to continue to beat a dead horse, but...

    We would like to be able to identify as many possible issues that could be causing worse battery loss with the 1.4.0. update.

    If you are experiencing worse battery life please send me a private message so we can discuss collecting some log files from the device.

    If you have already contacted me and have provided log files, Thank you.

    Ex HP webOS Tech Support

    5Ts: Five ways to get your webOS tablet working again:

    6Ts: Six ways to get your webOS phone working again:
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