In october many early adopters handed o2 a pile of money for a unlocked phone.

A few months later the user terms changed with a update and they start to Geo-restrict access to the App Catalog. Basicly means they block access if you are not within their valid region.

We are now 4 months past launch and many of us have access to a whopping zero apps and its been like this since new year, thats 2 months folks. The Geo-resctiction is still in effect but users in some countries have been granted a visa to the land of App Catalog access and full user experience.

Even without any apps and the treatment we early adopters got I still love my Pre and always will but I can't wait until they day I get full access and the same experience as my fellow Pre owners in the official countries.

So, anyone got a clue when o2's contract of exclusive sales run out so that we finally might get what we paid for?