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    CNN, ESPN, BestBuy, The Gap and many, many other news/media outlets, retailers, sites and the such have dedicated apps for other smartphones. What is the process for getting these same apps available for the Pre? While I appreciate the growth in app options since the release of the PDK, browsing sites that have dedicated apps for other devices becomes another reminder that the growth of the Pre as a whole just isn't where it needs (opinion only) to be.

    Is this a hold up on Palm's end? Those outlets not seeing WebOS worthy of exploring? Something I'm completely missing?
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    my guess is the way you get apps from them are

    1. Palm pays them to make an app. (i assume that's how they got launch apps and youttube)
    2. Sell so many phones that it's worth it for them to make one on their own.
    3. People request an app so much that they think #2 has already happened.
    4. Somebody at one of these companies decides out of the goodness of their heart or faith in the future growth of the platform to make an app.
    5. Someone who makes their iphone app is bored and has spare time and just does it.

    But hey if they sell tons of phones people will be kicking down their door.

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