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    Ok...I have a Pre (O2) using a rebel sim card which conked out while updating to While doing the base band downgrade like the RSC website...novacom says Modemdiag failed....

    Phone shows SOS, I bypassed first use using I can't register on Palm as well.....some help please!!!!
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    Palm Pre Plus w. Meteor Ireland Pre-pay (prob. the same as post-pay)
    EDIT: I now have everything working
    Get the Phone unlocked (read the wiki)
    Install 2.1.0 using meta-doctor/scripts/meta-wr-pre-2.1.0
    Change APN to, un:<blank> pw:<blank>
    MMS Settings:
    Mmsc: httpCOLON//
    Mms proxy:
    Mms port: 8799

    === OP ===
    I've seen a lot of posts about Meteor (IRL) from people running 1.3 and older -- I have a Pre Plus, and was hoping to install 2.1.0 on it.

    I can't get 2.1.0 to work with the network at all, and my attempts with 1.4 have ended up with me only receiving calls / sms, but with no 3G / internet. I now have 2.1.0 working on the network for calls / sms, but get 'Invalid APN' with the default settings.

    Does anyone have up-to-date carrier settings for 2.1 ? If not, could you send me 1.* settings for Meteor Ireland ?

    (I've PM'd the guys who posted before)

    I am using the bundled 2.1.0 settings for meteor, but have no data connectivity. Here's my current attempt at writing my own, but the 'dataconnection' is just copied from another carrier. I have the raw internet settings, how are they hashed into the dataconnection field?

    Edit: (Removed) - they were wrong anyway.

    Edit2: I have no data, and get 'Invalid APN' when I go to look at the settings. Any hints?

    I have:
    User: my
    Pass: isp

    I have also tried
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