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    I dont get an update either, I am in Denmark like Janik. My biggest issue is that my patches have come a part of my Pre??? I ran the EPR, to see if the patches was the reason my phone kept displaying "application updates avaliable" even though no one is, and now my phone stille have patches (5*4 icons, hide launcher etc) but preware shows no patches insalled.
    Anyone else having this problem, or a souloution?

    Hate to doctor..

    I have noticed the same thing. Soma patches still "work" even if you remove them. The 5x4 icons and multiple pages are 2 I can remember. Do not worry. I would just update over them. I did it with and it was fine.

    Mine says application updates available too, but I think this may be a bug with the app catalogue. The OS updates show up separately if I recall correctly from You should get a message on the "update app" to say new OS is available. Rather than having to click on the link that takes you to the app store. I hope this makes sense...

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    This makes sense.
    Thank you.

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    In Atlanta GA USA. "Checking for updates..." is all get.

    Will probably have to Doctor.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    Same here in Munich - it's already dark outside (7 PM). No Update!
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    I've doctored my German Pre and I'm really happy with it.
    All my video's, photo's and music weren't deleted!
    The only things that were gone are settings, contacts, email & messages.
    I recommend everyone to doctor if you want 1.4 now =D
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    i am also with sprint firmware UK pre. no update so far.
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    It's finally here for me this morning
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