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    is the download link the gsm 1.4?
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    Downloaded webosdoctor from and updated to 1.4.

    * App Catalog is empty
    * Applications are running really fast

    I forgotten to backing up via Backup. All sms, call log etc were gone

    Finally I have clear 1.4 GSM Pre
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    Movistar GSM Pre on AT&T in the U.S.A - got 1.4.0 Friday night.
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    i have just got update this morning i have uk o2 pre dl now yaya
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    I have german o2 pre and I still don't get any updates...
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    Quote Originally Posted by robvanvliet View Post
    Still nothing here (Netherlands KPN, German QWERTZ unlocked)
    Now downloading. Jippee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robvanvliet View Post
    Now downloading. Jippee.
    Mine started about half an hour ago. I'm on a German Pre running T-mobile in the Netherlands. I guess when it comes to a global release devices running on networks with out the palm Pre will get the update pushed last.
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    1.4 update just landed to Turkey-Turkcell

    But no App Catalog
    Palm Prē + Touchstone + iGrip PerfektFit...
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    Finally, I got the update in Honduras, but I'm still thinking if I should remove the messaging plug ins or not
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    Looks like it just arrived in Austria (Carrier: "Drei")

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    Got mine this morning in Malaysia
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    I also got mine this morning in Hong Kong and app catalog still works. However I only see 314 applications.

    No free games like monopoly, need for speed, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    and what did it do to your AppCat?
    didn't do much for my AppCat, except make it a bit more schizo. 0 apps still. i started a thread for this here, so let us unlocked GSM Pre users post there!
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