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    It appears the 1.4 Verizon webOS Doctor's also available if you prefer that route:

    Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals
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    Im in The Bay Area and its 7:27am 2/28/10 and still prob the only one withoit the 1.4 update. I dont know why cus it seems like evryother person in the San Francisco Bay area on VZW has it by now. Every time i check the update icon it keeps giving me the update and asking if i want to download it. *** is going on here. Do i need to install the os first even though my pre plus came with it in order to get the 1.4 os update? Well i just installed the update to see if that would do the trick and what do u know it did. After i installed the old version i clicked on the update icon again and it searched for an update a about 30 seconds and there it was...the 1.4 i should have done this before. Now im ready to join the rest on u.
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