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    Quote Originally Posted by Yellowhammer View Post
    oh ye of little faith...
    We have been around the mill with rumors lately so skepticism is definitely the first choice.
  2. mbp
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    downloading it right now over here 11:50PM CST
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    just ran update, downloading it now
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    downloading it to, south Carolina!!!!!! GO GO GO
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    Downloading now... 39MB.
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    You trolls, 39
    11:54Pm and downloading in Illinois.
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    d/l 1.4 now palm pre plus verizon....NY NY
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    Just finished installing! W00t!
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    downloading now in columbia, sc hooray
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    downloading now in Utah!
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    yup the update is out for verizon now. Palm made a status update on facebook regading the update.
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    It's about 12:59 in Orlando, FL and my WebOS 1.4 is beginning to download. I'm oh so happy. I've been hitting the update button like everyday since Feb 15th.
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    504 Gateway Time-out

    damm it suck out here in the woods
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    dobble post
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    Quote Originally Posted by john mcconnell View Post
    504 Gateway Time-out
    I get this every time I try to access at 1:30AM EST. I think precentral runs their backups at this time or something else unknown is hitting it very hard....
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    Check out a video I made using my Palm Pre with webOS 1.4
    Im using the "Video Camera Flashlight" Patch thanks to Jason Robitaille

    Check it out

    Please comment the video on YouTube and Rate! Thanks!
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    Verizon Preware and Patch users please read

    The last 24 hours of WebOS Internals (webosinternals) on Twitter is a useful resource for you to read while webOS 1.4 is downloading, but make sure you are running Preware 0.9.28, have updated your patches, removed your theme, mytether, CPU mods and any other manual patches *before* triggering the webOS 1.4 OTA download.

    Official AUPT thread: vote after you've updated:

    Preware 0.9.28 and Package Manager Service 0.9.36 (or later) are working perfectly on webOS 1.4.0 - if it's not working for you, then use WebOS Quick Install 3.01 or later to reinstall both packages. Do not use fileCoaster, PreLoad or PreUpdate to install or update those packages, because those tools cannot install or update advanced homebrew correctly.

    Don't forget to hit the "Update Feeds" menu item in Preware if you don't have it set to update on every load - you need the update to see the webOS 1.4 patches.

    The WebOS Internals "Terminal" application is broken in webOS 1.4 - we'll get it fixed in the next couple of days. is the place to report AUPT successes and problems.

    For the status of patches in 1.4.0, see

    Over the past 24 hours, has served over 150,000 unique IP addresses, with over 17,000 of those actively installing patches, so plenty of people have paved the way for you ...

    WebOS Internals:Site support - WebOS Internals is the place for donations which assist in keeping the and infrastructure running (especially in peak periods like this).

    Thanks, and good luck ...

    -- Rod
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    WebOS Internals and Preware Founder and Developer
    You may wish to donate by Paypal to donations @ if you find our work useful.
    All donations go back into development.
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    VZ PrePlus in Sacramento, CA downloaded and getting ready to install
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