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    so i have a GSM pre and have updated to 1.4 . Before the update i had abot 400 apps, now i have a smidgen over 200. I had downloaded the free nsfuc aswell and i still have that but can't see it in the catalogue now

    any idea?
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    Maybe a lot of apps are not yet updated for 1.4 so they will come back as developers did that in a few days...
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    where you are that you have a gsm with 1.4... I dont see any update yet here in czech republic...
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    Yeah, there was no update for me in the UK at 6:10 this morning, it finally appeared for me when I checked at 6:47 but over an hour later it is less than half way through the download. I guess the OP must have been one of those lucky people that somehow got it early.
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    Yeah he's right, i had 1.4.0 yesterday morning, only had around 200 apps -.-
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    sorry forgot to say im in the UK.

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