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    Don't post here, but had to reply to this. I was using a tape adapter to listen to my music over the car stereo yesterday when my brother called. Answered it and he had no problems hearing me at all. That was with my phone sitting on the passenger seat. Not sure what the issues with your phones are but mine works great. It was clearer than using my bluetooth. Just waiting on my touchstone now so I can mount my phone...
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    I will get the Jabra or Moto bluetooth speakerphone for my car if the audio cable method doesn't work.
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    The only way I get my mic to work on calls, when using a cassette adapter, is when I reset the phone with the cassette adapter plugged in the phone. Once I take out the jack after doing the reset, and plug it back in, the mic is again turned off. This is with 1.4 running. Anyone else have other fixes besides resetting the phone? To be honest, I'd rather prefer the tape adapter than buying a bluetooth speaker kit, because with bluetooth on, it will drain the battery, besides other benefits.
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