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    just now.. wow
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    Anyone buy it? How is it?
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    Anyone else notice that its only 5.83M of Memory?
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    was thinkin of getting it, read this review about iPhone version:
    "So i bought this today when i was in the waiting room to get checked out for my heart at a doctors appt. anyways, it was a complete WASTE of ten bucks, no vocals, just poly tones, and the sound doesnt mess up when you make a mistake. ugh just a waste of money."
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    so i'll be holdin off til I see some App Cat reviews
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    I bought it....the app is so small because it downloads songs on the fly
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    I just got it. It downloads the tracks when you are in the game. That's Why it's a small download. Volume seems low. IDK what that guy is talking about. These are the real recordings of the songs. They have vocals and everything else.
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    so it's actual recorded music, not polytones?
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    OH MAN! Wow! Killer app! Purchasing as we speak
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    The game's homepage has a video of it.

    EDIT:Wrong link.
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    mebe he had V1 or something. If it was gameloft game I woulda downloaded quick, I trust them, I don't know anything about this GH developer, so I'm more hesitant for a $7 game
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    This game has achievements?!?! Sold! DLing now!!
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    just purchased the app. . . Nice little game. . Sucks that there isn't multitap. . .. . Is that a pdk limitation?
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    Do you have to hold the phone like a guitar to play? bahahahahahaha
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    I just posted the first review on the app catalog ;P I complained about the soft buttons a lot since there seems to be no way to bind hard keys!
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    I got it. It's alright. Too quiet tho, even with the settings and music volumes all the way up.
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    Had one for my old Sony Ericsson that was a total crapper.
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    Just bought the game. Yeah, it's very quiet even with full volume. Played Lithium and was disappointed that it wasn't the full track. You don't have to re-download a song after the initial song download, but you do have to download a version of each song for each instrument.
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    A short clip of it in action. Yes it's webcam quality, but you get the picture. (remove the dot after the first W)
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    i got it and its not bad but not a must get app
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