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    Hello Everyone.

    I know it may seem irreverent to defile the anticipation by bringing up any topic other than the 1.4 update on the eve of its rumored release; but, I figure that after the release it'll likely be a couple of days before anyone can focus on anything else, so here goes.

    Whenever I try accessing my WiFi I get the following error:
    "Your operating system is not supported by Comcast's Installation Wizard. Please call 1-800-COMCAST to setup your account."

    Have tried--no avail.

    Had this problem once before with my PCs and merely set the DNS Server addresses to &, which resolved the issue for my PCs (can't imagine why Comcast just suggest that!). However, when I try the same on the Pre by selecting "WiFI Preferences" then my network, I find Automatic IP settings ON and the DNS SERVERS settings ghosted. In order to access them I have to turn Auto IP Settings OFF which, I understand, cannot remain that way.

    Any ideas or suggestions? My hardware and settings are as follows:

    • Linksys Wireless Router WRT54G with WPA2 Personal encryption
    • set to DCHP with max number of leases set to 50
    • My Wireless Network Mode is MIXED and the WIRELESS CHANNEL is set to 11 - 2.462GHz
    • My Wireless MAC Filter is DISABLED
    • OS = XP sp3 / running 2 laptops off the router
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    try adding the dns ip addresses to your wireless router. If you add them there, it'll be passed onto the pre when it automatically gets network settings.
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    Try changing the DNS servers inside the router (your instruction manual should tell you how).

    Also, on a side note, Pre owner/Comcast user. I use the Wifi at my house without any issues.
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    Do you have other WiFi devices that work? Why is your network taking you to Comcast's setup wizard? Have you not already done the initial setup?

    Pretty strange problem there, OP
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    it means you have not payed your comcast bill and they have disconnected you lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinnabarcorp View Post
    it means you have not payed your comcast bill and they have disconnected you lol
    LoL yes.. this has happened to me right before i had to sign into work. Sucks when your one the road and forget to pay bills lol
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    lmao pay the bill get the service back on then don't forget to reset your linksys after your service is back up.
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    haha i should get a thanks for this, case closed
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    arthurthornton and linwiz311 you are both gurus of tech! Your suggestion, of changing the DNS server settings on the router, took all of 10 seconds and completely resolved my issue.

    My web access was almost immediate. I never imagined that my little Pre could be so fast!

    Thank you for sharing your expertise so graciously.


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