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    in n. nj and downloading
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    Downloading in CA!
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    1:45 AM EST in VA. The update is downloading. Just got back from the club, and here we go!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Visualfx View Post
    I have it. lol
    That made me laugh
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    I got it
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    see all! I knew by driving past Palms HQ that would do it! Thank me very much...We're welcome! YESSSSSS!
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    me too lolz
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    downloading in Michigan 1:49am
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    hahaha.. South Beach 0149hrs dowloading..
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    SF at 10:40pm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Visualfx View Post
    That happened to me on the very first update and I just gave it a quick restart and it fixed the issue.
    ive restarted luna already and still doesnt fix. Its still on checking for updates... forever. I tried Evdo and Wifi...
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    This dowload is moving like molasses running up hill in January.
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    CA......going to full throttle up.......
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    1:50AM EST (NY) and I'm downloading. WOOOHOOOO!!!
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    Updating in Las Vegas, NV
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    got it!!! Santa ana, ca!
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    in PA and nothing so far, is this just for sprint i am on verizon.
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    LOL... I just got an email from the editor at thanking me for letting him know they jumped the gun on posting the article about 1.4 hitting today (they pulled the article). I had to reply and tell them they could repost because 1.4 just hit 20 minutes ago! Haha... good timing!
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    Downloading in Boston at 1:51am EST. Been a long, strange wait, but here it comes.

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