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    Sorry, had to!

    Remember back in the day when we were mad at Palm to release the release date? I've never anticipated an update like I am now since that moment back in May when these videos came out. Just thought we could use some entertainment while we wait:

    We've come a LONG way...lets celebrate!

    You get the point, here is the main Youtube page.
    YouTube - releasemypre's Channel
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    hilarious - yeah those youtube vids were classic!
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    lmao! "PAAAAALM!!!!"
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    lmao. "USE IT!!"
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    This would be so much easier with a physical keyboard! These videos still make me laugh!
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    ROFL... holy ****! I've never seen those before.. they are hilarious! Palm needs to use this guy for their new ads!!! I could totally see it catching on... people walking into Sprint and VZ stores and yelling PAAAAAAAAALLLLMMMMM!!!!
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    That's it! That's the type of advertising campaign Palm should be doing! Never seen them before either.
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    "i know you cant cut and paste!"
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    "No Pre. No me."
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    ROFL Frikin hilarious vids!!!

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