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    Quote Originally Posted by DanLipson View Post
    I spy a chat bubble in the top right...
    Let's hope that means chat!
    Don't you mean top left? That's where I see it.
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    Nice. Hopefully it comes out soon enough. Friendsbook is okay, but we definitely need a better app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krod301 View Post
    Don't you mean top left? That's where I see it.
    It looks more like a notification icon to me. Chat will most likely be integrated into the Messaging app.
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    I hope it's not a artist rendering
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    what's wrong with friendsbook? That's a pretty good app or the facebook mobile version is excatly the same like on a iphone or ipod.
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    Considering Facebook was prominent in the first Pre ads you wold think this would already be out. But I doubt this ad is an indication that a new Facebook app release is imminent.
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    Kicka$$, thanks for the info.!
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    if they can draw it up, they can make it. Yeah the mobile site from the homepage is cool and works well, it still lacks features. Plus the official palm facebook app we have now is utterly bland and in my opinion worthless.
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    speaking of the official facebook app, about half of the pictures I try to look at from the fb site never focus...anyone else?
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    Fake photoshop for a print add I say.
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    Let's hope this comes out later tonight along with 1.4!

    Currently I prefer the mobile Facebook site (the one that comes bookmarked on the Pre) over the actual app.. that's pretty bad.. We definitely need an update to this app!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc31 View Post
    nice catch i hope it just wasn't some artist going crazy!
    the other app "shots" look pretty similar to the ones we actually have..
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    Heres a popout chat window that you can use as chat

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    I was just looking at a friend's iPhone a few days ago, and that's not what his Facebook app looked like. Plus, look at the style of the bar along the top - looks similar to other Palm apps. If this is a Photoshopped print, they've put a LOT of effort into making it look like a Palm app. I think this is more likely to be real than fake.

    I hope it's real. Here in Canada, we have no 1.4 yet and no game demos (which would imply paid apps would FINALLY be coming up North), so any good news is welcome.
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    I've never really bothered using FB on my Pre because I hate the format. Glad to hear a better version is coming soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zeeebs View Post
    Was reading this weeks SF Weekly and they had a huge Pixi ad with...A NEW FACEBOOK APP advertised!

    Attached is a photo, the app looks pretty much identical to the awesome iPhone app.

    Not sure when it'll arrive, maybe we'll get a double whammy with 1.4

    Very nice catch
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    man i really hope that its like the facebook one. because if it is ill be even more glad that i turned in my 3GS for the pre. especially today with 1.4 and flash. Im really loving palm about now
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    It's about time. THe app we have now is garbage. I kind of had hopes that a new one with come with 1.4. Maybe they will use some of the new functionality that 1.4 provides.
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    None of you noticed that this is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT?!
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    hope this is real
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