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    I dont kno if this a problem or not but everytime i hit updates, it says checking for updates... then after about 15 seconds it says application updates are now available every single time i click updates even if everything is up to date. Will it always say this or is somethin wrong. thanks
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    im having the same problem as you and i hope it lets me update to 1.4 later on
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    I was getting the same problem. Its working fine now. I think its everyone hitting the update site is killing it!
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    Same thing here. Only 1 time did I see the Message that my phone was up to date with ( I got really excited when I saw that text ) But the last 273 times (J/K) I have pressed the refresh, I see the same "Application updates are now available" "Show Updates"
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    Its been doin this too me for a while. Like atleast 2 weeks everytime. Gets rlyy annoying when it says there are application updates when there actually isn't
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    It's normal for the Update app to be a little flakey in times such as this.
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