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    I just got a refurbished Pre from the Sprint store and it was acting fine until just now. I have to press the power button 4-5 times for it to turn off the screen and the other times it quickly changes the time on the top of the screen to the date and then back to the time within the time of like .01 seconds. And the touch screen won't respond to my touch. What is wrong with the phone? I didnt drop it or anything. It also doesnt work if plugged into the micro usb.
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    Any help with this please?
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    Sounds like a bad refurb.
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    Either a software or hardware problem. Doctor it to see if that helps...if not return it to Sprint.
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    I would take it back and try to push for a new one. I think the policy was something like after 3 replacements with refurbs that are problematic you are entitled to a new one. Even if this is your first refurb it can't hurt to go back and show them the issue. Have read a lot of horror stories about the refurbs, but on the same accord why would anyone post up for getting a phone that works? So all we hear are the horror stories.
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    I didn't install any patches or anything so do you think a doctor would do anything?

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