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    Ya i was same way once i found this site it opened the world to my palm pre
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    You have got to be kidding... There is no way the Pre can replace general computing, at least not in my world!
    C'mon now, be fair. He said for a *lot* of general computing, not even "most", just "a lot". I suspect I use my computer at home about 30% less than I used to since I got my Pre. As a matter of fact, I recently had surgery, and was thrilled at how much I could do on my Pre without having to get up to go use the computer (it was some major knee reconstruction, so "getting up" was quite a chore, and sitting at the computer was not possible).
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    I recently made the Jump to the Pre. I can say I was skeptical about WebOS after so many years with PalmOS (about 15yrs).the main hold out was external storage which is why i never got an iPhone. (yes I'm a mac fanMan). BUt I'm glad I got one. I think if developers take a look at PreCental's web traffic between the 26th and 28th I think they will be able to see the potential in WebOS.
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