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    I am new to theme and patches. I was messing around with my phone. Installed the "Black texture edit" theme, along with the "iphone style no avatar" and "scrim messaging white font" patches. I decided to just remove everything for now until the update tonight. but now my chats look like this:


    i tried to install everything and remove them all still goes back to this.

    i ran EPR, didn't fix it.

    have reset my phone, didn't work.

    I installed each of the 3 seperatly and I am thinking it has soemthing to do wtih the iphone style, which i believe is included on the Black Texture theme.

    Any suggestions how to fix this?? I just want to make sure that its not the theme that is causing this and will give me problems with my 1.4 update. is there some sort of script i need to remove or soemthing?? Like i said I am new to all this- so patience please

    and i posted this in the Patch forum but have gotten no response. I am guessing everyone is here waiting on this update- and i've tried searching the board with no luck.

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    run repair utility with override compatability checked off
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Yea, sounds like the Black Texture theme didn't remove cleanly. I would try running the WebOS Repair Utility by Jason.
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    Thank you guys so much for the helpful and quick response.

    now i am gonna be a pain in the **** there anywhere else i can download that?? Filebin seems to be blocked here at work so i can't access it otherwise I can wait till i get home. And I am assuming I need this repaired before I update..correct??
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    I don't know anywhere else you can DL from. Yea, you probably should fix this first. I shouldn't take too long.
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    Is the flashlight utility and notification lightup program considered patches? Inside preware I uninstalled all of my patches, but I still have the flashlight and notifications light programs installed, is that okay?

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