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    Worth it? I have seen mixed reviews and some that say it doesnt charge as fast as the regular micro usb. I like the idea that it answers the call when you pick it up off the charger and I am considering getting one of these as a dock charge to leave on at work all day.

    Is it worth it? Is it not? Thoughts?
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    ABSOLUTELY worth it!!!! LOVE my touchstones!!!!
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    I have one and love it. It's nice to just put your phone down and let it charge. It seems to charge at a nice rate as well, not slow at all. The fact that it answers in speakerphone mode while on the base is a great feature too. All in all I'm please with my purchase (I have two). Hope this is helpful
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    It's the best $50 investment I've ever made, besides that red headed double breasted mattress thrasher in Kalamazoo.
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    I picked one up from Dell when they were on clearance for $30, and I still had to debate getting it. Yes, I love it now that I have it, but is it really a $30 (or more) inconvenience to have to open the little door and plug a cord in? It just depends on if you have the money to spare. It's definitely cool and definitely very convenient to use.
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    The only problem with it is you're going to want to buy another one to have at the office. I do have to agree with Thead though, they aren't worth it at full price. If you're a Sprint premier customer you can get it in store for 25% off. I got mine in store, then bought the extra pucks on Amazon.
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    Got mine for day one when my wife and I got new Pre's last week. She might even like it more than me. Def worth it.
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    I absolute love it in my car. So my phone's not flopping around in cup holders or flying under the passenger seat. But it's not nearly as annoying as those phone holder/mounts to take the phone on/off.
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    I can't imaging having to deal with that crapy usb door on the pre, the touchstone is a absoulte must, I have 3 of them

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