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    Here is a nice place to keep track of all of the threads dealing with the exact same tissue -- The application update bug where it says you have application updates available, but when you go to the catalog, you have nothing to update. These are just the ones that were obvious from the thread name when I searched for "Application Update." Probably a lot more if I had searched "posts" in addition to just "threads" or opened some of the thread names that were vague. So feel free to add to the list if you find more!

    So...great news campers, now there is no reason to search or to pay attention to the "similar thread" box when you post! Just start a new thread on the same topic and add your link here! *


    In the beginning there was the Board and the Board was without form and was void and darkness was across the face of the Board.

    Then MOD said "let there be threads." And there were threads. And MOD saw it was good.

    And MOD said to the Pre-ple: "You may partake of all of the fruit of the threads, but this thou shall not do; thou shall not partake of a new thread without first searching to see if the topic is already covered." And this was the Covenant between MOD and his Pre-ple, that thou shalt search first before starting a new thread so that the threads may not only multiply but be fruitful.

    And MOD saw that the Pre-ple needed a helpmate so he set down his law and placed it in the Sticky of the Covenant so that all the Pre-ple may read the law and abide by the Covenant and that all may be well.

    But the Pre-ple multiplied and the Pre-ple forgot MOD's law and did not read the Sticky of the Covenant and many said to themselves "I shall start a thread of my own without searching and the views and replies shall be as high as the heavens and I shall be like a Mod."

    And thus the Pre-ple sinned and started threads without searching and verily the threads multiplied but were not fruitful. And it came to pass that Pre-ple that did know the answers to the questions stopped replying to the threads and those that did reply did not always know the correct answer as they did not search either and there was much confusion and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. And MOD said: "hey, this ain't so good."

    And thus was created the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.....

    NOTE: When setting forth the sacred Script, the word "MOD" is usually used in english translations. The original ancient Java contains the letters "MWHW" -- what scholars refer to as the TETRAGRAMAPHONE. Although often pronouced "Mahweh," many orthodox admins believe that the TETRAGRAMAPHONE should not be vocalized. While there is not total agreement, most experts theroize that the "MWHW," when referring to the great and all-powerful MOD of the Board stands for the ancient phrase "My Way [or the] HighWay."

    * MANDATORY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WARNING: This post may contain sarcasm, satire, farce, hyperbole or other elements intended to be humorous or to make a point in a humorous way. As such, persons that have been diagnosed with HIS -- Humor Impaired Syndrome -- should immediatly close this post and do a Youtube search for any Allen Thicke performance.
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    LOL, currently three application bug threads on first page, not including this one!

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