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    Is the WebOS doctor for bell out? I have the frankenstein build and I don't want to return to 1.3 ...
    It's not posted on webos internals yet.

    LE It is on webosinternals
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    Yeah, I popped it up on there about 10 mins ago.

    Direct link for those who want it:
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    Quote Originally Posted by gujifijian View Post
    awwwwwww, i could have been still sleeping in if i was still living in vancity...i miss home....
    come back hooooome!!!
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    hahaha I wish...but coming back home means PARTYING miss BC bud...

    Quote Originally Posted by yoshivan View Post
    come back hooooome!!!
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    So, my GPS no longer works on 1.4 Same thing happened after the update, took 2 weeks for bell to get fixed so the GPS was working every day.

    Not thrilled.
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    Bell Dr 1.4 is at the internals (I dont know why I like the word internals), the plug ins for IM can be a pain in the **** to install, but after you get them to work, I would say they are pretty reliable.
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    Unpacking is about 90% complete and I keep getting an "Unable to connect. Try again later" error. I've been having this problem since last night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattgalb99 View Post
    Unpacking is about 90% complete and I keep getting an "Unable to connect. Try again later" error. I've been having this problem since last night.
    Have you tried rebooting the phone?
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    I have the hacked 1.4 on my phone, but will eventually Doctor with the real 1.4. However, when I tried to download it (using the link in WebOS Internals or above) it doesn't work. Anyone have any success yet?
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    maybe try right-clicking and save-as?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dscott23 View Post
    maybe try right-clicking and save-as?
    Tried that a few times, tried FireFox and Chrome, and keep getting an invalid file. Maybe just a temporary glitch.
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    Hmm.. I can download it fine from here:

    Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals
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    Dumb question time re: the Bell Web Doctor file (which I just downloaded with no problem from Vermithrax's like)...

    I've saved it to the same directory I have WebOSQuickInstall.jar, version 3.02. In that same directory I have the WebOSDoctor.jar file that I downloaded when I first started using WebOSDoctor. My directory looks like this:

    03/01/2010  03:43 PM    <DIR>          Install
    03/01/2010  11:23 PM         2,017,078 WebOSQuickInstall.jar
    03/01/2010  11:05 PM       213,479,724 webOSDoctor.jar
    03/05/2010  09:31 PM       212,025,721 webosdoctorp100ewwbellmo.jar
    Do I:

    A. Leave the files as they are.

    B. Delete webOSDoctor.jar, rename webosdoctorp100ewwbellme.jar -> webOSDoctor.jar

    C. ????
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    the name doesnt matter unless you're trying to meta doctor it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by csilvest View Post
    A. Leave the files as they are.
    You're fine to leave them as they are, just remember which one you want to run when you do actually doctor.

    Now if you also had the WebOSRepairUtility.jar in that directory and were inclined to use it, then I'd advise deleting the old doctor and renaming the new one to webOSDoctor.jar...
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