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    the time i created my first palm profile, a link was sent to me. However, i was not able to log in into my profile (IE exporer of desktop). Because i never had the chance to see how it looks like, i assume that you can manage your pofile on desktop once you log in, right?

    good day!

    by the way, the reason why i post this is that i am looking for a method so that we shall not see there are some apps (not those default apps by PALM) already in our pre after log in profile on pre after FULL ERASE.
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    Unfortunately there is not that "managing" that you can do with your Palm Profile.

    Here is the link:

    All you can do is:
    # Change the name, password, or email address associated with your profile
    # Erase all of the data off your device
    # Resend a verification email

    Sorry....I really wish there was more you could do.

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