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    I used internalz to go see where these ghost apps are hiding.../media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications...lists all the apps that have been and are downloaded...I just don't know how to delete them..there are a lot that aren't on my phone anymore but have folders and files within...anyway to get a free reign internalz that we can delete files anywhere? I'll PM Jason to see if that's possible.
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    I'm not sure if this has anything to do with this annoyingness, but hearing about the uninstall and reinstall thing, i tried to think of any apps that might have gone from a precentral to an app catalog app. I got to net2streams light. I tried to uninstall it, but when i try to reinstall it, it downloads and gets stuck installing. The only way to get it to finish instaling is to install the precental version from preware. I've tried everything and I cant get it to install correctly from the app catalog.

    Also on a side note, has anyone else noted that when you click show updates from the update screen, it show a "My Applications" list that is missing certain apps. That sounds like it might relate in some way to this error.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoTitans View Post
    This is really annoying me. I'm tried everything to make it stop showing me I have updates when I don't but it isn't working. Updating PRL worked ONCE but now I'm getting it again. Tried a full erase...still not working. I've dowloaded and deleted way to many apps to to try to figure out what the culprit is.

    I wouldn't care except I'm afraid it is going to interfere with 1.4.
    The update itself shows up just fine as soon as it's available, even with the "application updates are now available" bug. I don't know about the actual install, as I'm currently in progress, but I doubt it will.

    FWIW I could get the application updates message to go away temporarily by updating PRL, then going directly into updates. It would show up as up to date ONCE, then go back to updates now available until I updated PRL again. Also, if I waited too long to go into updates, the bug came back even if it was the first time I opened updates since updating the PRL.

    Yes, I know the systems have nothing to do with each other, and therefore this shouldn't work, but it did. Maybe there's a background process involved in updating PRL that also affects the updates program or catalog. No idea.

    EDIT: Update went just fine, but the bug is still there.
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    when you update the prl and then refresh the update app, it shows the "phone is up to date with 1.4" but @ the bottom there is still a "show app updates" button. Can anyone else confirm this?
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    well I figured out the culprit for mine. It was free vs. Paid version mobile craigslist. After I doctored they both showed up and I was able to delete them both and then redownload just the paid version. Seems to be all cleared up now.
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    Anyone have a way to go into the palm profile or the phone to figure out what apps it thinks we have?
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    mine did this, and so i restarted and now all the apps i installed, inc preware are gone..... not cool palm, doing a full erase and seeing hwo that goes now.
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    it def has to do with your palm profile. i deleted all my apps, did a partial, full, and secure full erase, doctored to and all the way down to 1.2.1 and the bug is still there! wish palm would give us access to manage our profile. going to live with it for now i guess.
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    I figured out what my issue was, it was a free app that I had installed from the app store but had removed using preware. Once I re-installed the app and then checked for updates, the "Application Updates Are available" message was gone.
    About freakin time.
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