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    Hehe, checked for updates right at midnight CST and it won't connect to the update server. Servers are getting hammered with update requests b/c this is the "last chance" for tonight.

    Going to bed, will check again in the am. Have fun tonight you guys.
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    Austin, TX 12:32am CST.

    Downloading 1.4 now. Taking forever!!!
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    just got update texas sprint
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    I got it. Sprint Syracuse NY


    Its 42mb for pixi
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    Downloading now here in CT!
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    Its here downloading now on two Palm Pre (The Wife & I) - Upstate NY
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    Downloading now, WPB, FL......
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    Madison, WI - downloading now!
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    Updating now in the bay area, CA. Only 39 MB.
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    welcome to Dallas 1.4 (sprint)
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    California, got the update.
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    Got it in KC, total of 39MB. w00t!!!
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    1032 PST (vegas).... man this is gonna be a slow one.
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    downloading in Las Vegas NV on day 1 Sprint phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by mayo1024 View Post
    Austin, TX 12:32am CST.

    Downloading 1.4 now. Taking forever!!!
    Seconded. 12:35a CST -- was not available to me about ten minutes ago.

    Not located far from him.
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    Downloading now, for realz...
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    in North Jersey, just came up. Downloading now.
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    Atlanta, GA, Downloading now XD XD XD
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    Hey, that would be one more update than the rest of us are getting tonite, lol.
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