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    Quote Originally Posted by natefish View Post
    Dude, you are cruel. I'm in Central KY, too. In Lex?
    Campbellsville, about an hour south of Lex. Moving to Lville later this year.
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    good luck everybody! United's making me turn off my phone. Hopefully, 1.4 shows up in the next couple of hours. Had fun reading this thread, now I have to just sit and wait...
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    Eastern NC on Sprint ... NADA.
    The Saint
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    Quote Originally Posted by rexalbel View Post
    we have guitar hero 5?? (for pre)
    Quote Originally Posted by swiftkick2dnuts View Post
    I was wondering the same thing...
    yepp check out the app on the precentral home page on the right side
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    I suspect some bugs in the update process anyway. Why do I keep getting notice that there are application updates available when there aren't?
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    i wonder if they immediately took it off the sprint forum because 1.4 is not coming today
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    so if I was a super smart Palm insider in charge of keeping servers from crashing during a hugely anticipated update, would I hold off till the number of 'update software' requests goes below a certain known number??? Food for thought...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seedillume View Post
    Maybe they are anticipating a huge server load once it's pushed out? Hence, they are waiting later when network traffic is at a minimum.
    that would be quite sad if their servers can't handle this bit of load.
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    Im so annoyed but yet i cant stop checking to see if its here already, dam this update
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    22:21 here in the east coast, and my phone for the past 20 minutes stays stuck checking for updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by t650man View Post
    that would be quite sad if their servers can't handle this bit of load.
    bit? its a pretty big load. take the size of the update (whatever it may be) by the number of pre's out there...

    Math is a *****
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    ok 10:21 in venice, fl and yet no update...come on palm we have been patient it's time!!!!!!!!!1
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    I just checked at 10:19pm in DC metro area on sprint and nothing for me.
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    northern calif

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    With Sprint in Connecticut. Me and my Pre will have to wait until tomorrow. No update as of 10:20 PM ET. Oh well, at least I can watch the snow come down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ty****bob View Post

    When is it coming? Hell...i just ran webos doctor and am now patching, just for ****s and giggles while i wait.
    How many times have you seen the Dr.?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedBrkr View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by brennan7 View Post
    bit? its a pretty big load. take the size of the update (whatever it may be) by the number of pre's out there...

    Math is a *****
    I would hope Sprint or Palm (whomever sends out the updates) is using a CDN like Akamai to distribute the update.
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    I GOT IT..

    oh no.. I didnt.

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