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    post this problem before, got no answer.

    Saw that 1.4 coming to Unlocked and tried immediately(German version). Didn't see any but remind me that there are updates for apps. Tried a couple of times, still nothing but app updates. I thought this might be because I didn't update those apps, so I started to update them all. However, I think that i have already updated all in both Preware and AppCatalog, it still says "application updates are available" .... Therefore, I decide to delete all apps (of course patches already EPRed) and then try again. BUT it still had nothing but apps upgrades. OK, I surrender, i then decide to go for a clean erase-full erase. after this, i also expected that this might not work again. Yes, I was absolutely right.

    Now, the problem is that after full erase and after all apps are deleted (orange+touching application), still, the franking UPGRADE still says there are application upgrades available. Alright alright, I choose in and it says that YOU HAVE NO APPS INSTALLED!!! Then why there are app upgrades?

    As my paragraph one states, i post this before, which means that about one month ago, I found that "SOUNDS AND RINGTONES" shows to me WHITE BLANK after several patches installed. I thought this might be because of patches, I just post a thread for help but I didn't delete those patches to test whether it was because of them. BUT now, after full erase, after EPR, the "SOUNDS AND RINGTONES" still doesn't work. so i conclude two problems.

    1. Why app upgrades won't go away while there are no apps installed?

    2. How to solve "SOUNDS AND RINGTONE" PROBLEM?

    Best Regards all



    as adivised by deparson, i tried DOCTOR and I got my "SOUND AND RINGTONES" back. Here there's one thing that neends to be mentioned. Before using Doctor, i remember the icon for "SOUND AND RINGTONES" is a MOON (after installation of Jstop(an app to kill java to release ram, task manager like app)?), which i thought it was the default icon for "SOUND AND RINGTONES", but it is not. this can be seen as a contraditon of software? Here, i also remember i always find some apps' icons are gone, functions are there though.

    Thank you.
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    No one loves you, because you're a copyright violator with illegal copies of games on his Pre.
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    I don't know what the "sounds and ringtones" problem is, but the problem with the upgrade manager thinking all your apps need upgrading (when there is no upgrade available) is just a glitch which is best to ignore. It seems to be an intermittent problem.
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    Please see the Dr. to get your issues fixed.
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    it's no one can solve my problem.
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    WHITE BLANK means you can't see anything but a piece of white card. no matter how long you wait, nothing will come out.

    as for the app upgrades problem, i really believe this is some kind of bug (maybe because i have installed toooooooooo many apps on my pre, really i mean it)
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    i thought about this, but with full erase, it didn't work. mmm, i 'll give it a shot. Thanks.
    the sixth sense tells me it will work. THANKS!!!

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