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    Can someone help me learn how to transfer music to my Pre? When I follow the instructions it seems like all is well till I disconnect and bring up music app and it tell me music library is empty. Any help would be appreciated.
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    It depends which program/method you are using. Search the forum. PLENTY of threads and programs to use.

    Sorry, I'm biased on my program choice so you should use what you might have/like. Search for articles on main page or search the forum.
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    i like using "DoubleTwist". Its a free program that you can find online. It works well with my pre. It takes playlist from your Windows Media Player or Itunes i believe. So theres no need in making new playlists.

    Its a little slow and buggy at times but so far has worked pretty good for me not to worry about using anything else.. oh and it transfers videos to your pre too.. so thats definitely a plus!

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