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    My power button was all f'd up so Im getting a new or most likely a refurb'd pre. Will my apps be grandfathered in? I know some of the original apps I dl'd now cost money. Will I be able to dl them again at no charge?

    Also, what is the BEST way to back up my contact and data info 'just in case' sprint f's it up?

    Thanks is advance. Any advice is helpful.
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    refurbed phones aren't bad. At least your power button will work now.

    as far as your stuff being grandfathered in, I bet it will be. But sorry, I know nothing about that kind of stuff.

    I think all will be fine though.
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    No, your older apps (like the free version of SplashID) will NOT be grandfathered in. If you copy your Pre's file system over, then maybe it will.

    Contacts...seriously? Its backed up over the internet to either your Palm Profile, Google Contacts, Outlook, or Yahoo contacts. Sprint doesnt have anything to do with them.
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    I had the same problem with the broken power button about a month ago. I got a Referb...and what ya know, it power cycles, locks up, and some times I cant call out or get calls in. Took it in today, and referb #2 will be in Tuesday.
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    My refurb Pre is 10x better than my original
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